Building good relationships with the people we interact with is key to our long term success. This includes our employees, customers, suppliers and the wider society.


Customer care and communication are primary priorities for the James Donaldson Group. Driven by a commitment to customer value, we are structured to respond to the needs of our customers and to give increased customer focus and accountability to our trading subsidiaries.



In a service orientated business we understand it is the quality of our employees that is key the growth and success of the business. We believe that if we treat our employees with dignity and respect, and encourage and support them to reach their full potential this will benefit the employee, our customers and the business.


Staff Loyalty: Over 50% of our employees have more than 5 years service with the company, and over 30% have more than 10 years.

When we consider that the average age of our employees is 39 then these statistics reflect that once an employee joins Donaldson's, they prefer to stay around.

The industry average labour turnover rate is 13.5% our performance is exceptional at 1.5%.

In 2010, our longest serving employee made to 50 year's service at the company, with three other employees making it to 25 years of service.


Our customers show loyalty to us because we only supply a product that is correct in every way - 100% of the time. We can only achieve this if we ourselves have similar loyalties to our suppliers. Our suppliers know what is required with regards to quality and specification, and they are all true leaders in their own marketplace.


Our shareholders comprise a mix of long standing family interests with more recent employee involvement.

By its nature shareholder equity funding is unsecured and, as such, a more risky proposition then secured debt funding such as term loan or overdraft. In such circumstances, it is natural that shareholders receive rewards commensurate with that level of additional risk.

Our aim is to provide shareholders with a steady stream of growing dividends over the long term. Furthermore, it is important that we can show regular steady rises in the price of our ordinary shares. This is best demonstrated by year on year growth in return on capital combined with steadily rising net worth.


A sustainable business plays an important part in developing sustainable communities. Our people and customers come from local communities which will also provide our future workforce and customers. Economically successful, vibrant neighbourhoods make it easier to recruit people with the skills we need and to find high quality suppliers. Hence we want to be an active member of the communities in which we operate.

Investing in these communities helps us to develop positive relationships with local people and supports our business objectives. For a specific community project focused on the birthplace of the company, please see our company charity page for details on the Donaldson Leadership Academy.


As a responsible business we need to work closely with the external regulators to our business. The regulators provide a unique perspective as their work is not commercially based, and, can often provide a different insight. By working with the regulators we are in a position to drive the minimum standards higher.